Growing a business

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I want to know how to plan and prepare for growing my business

I want to expand my business’ premises and invest in new equipment

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Your business is established, on a secure footing, and is turning a profit. Is now the time to think about growing and expanding? You might need to meet growing demand, or have new products and services you’re keen to add to your offer. In this section, we help you assess whether you can manage your business’ growth and how you can do it sustainably to balance risk and reward in taking your business to the next level.

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Take the next steps

Planning to grow your business

Your business is going well, your customer base is growing, so how do you take the next steps to grow it?

Get thinking about growth

Upgrading premises and equipment

Investing in growth can mean investing in larger premises and new equipment to meet demand.

Plan your businesses’ expansion carefully


Reaching new markets can open up significant opportunities for growth for businesses if you know how.

Find out how to export goods and services