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Although there is a lot of free or low-cost software available to meet your general needs as a start-up, your IT and digital needs may become more complex as your business expands and demand grows. In this section, our guidance and resources will help you understand more about the building blocks of expanding your IT infrastructure, what sort of specialist business software could be helpful to you, and how to ensure you are following best practice in data security. While you should not be expected to have the full range of experience and skills of an IT manager, understanding the key principles will help you be more informed when making key decisions.

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IT infrastructure

As businesses grow, the need for more structured, complex IT systems and processes can increase.

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Website design

A high-quality website is a vital piece of your overall marketing strategy – find out what yours will need.

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Data Security

Stay safe with tips on how to protect your business from threats to your premises and from rising cyber crime.

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Ensure you and your team are equipped with the right digital skills by accessing the correct training for you.

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Software solutions

Find out what particular advice is applicable to the sorts of software systems you need.

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