Free webinar: How to conduct a fair redundancy process.

Unfortunately, in all times of economic uncertainty, redundancies and restructures and restrictions have become a common occurrence. But how can an employer fairly and legally make someone redundant, and what should they take into account when they follow this process remotely? And what are the risks if they do it wrong?

In this webinar, Alicia Collinson (solicitor) from Thrive Law will talk about how to conduct a fair redundancy process, considering the difficulties in doing so remotely.

This one-hour workshop, will cover:

  • How do you make someone redundant? What does redundancy mean.
  • What are the risks of an unfair redundancy process?
  • How to make someone redundant remotely?
  • How to deal with an appeal of a redundancy?
  • How managers and companies can plan for the future and protect themselves, legally.
  • What happens if it goes wrong?