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Starting a new business venture is full of rewards but invariably it also comes with risks. It is important to evaluate yourself and what you want from your business, as well as do your research and develop a plan. Preparing thoroughly will put you in a strong position if you need secure any type of finance for your business and will help you maintain focus. However, it is also crucial to be mentally prepared for thing to go off track at times. Building in a degree of flexibility will enable you can adapt to any changing circumstances.

Whether it is as obvious as creating a name for your business or more unclear tasks such as what structure would be right for you, we can help. We provide a range of resources, tools and guides designed to get you underway and save you time.

In addition, we can answer some of the common questions that you may have and point you in the right direction if you need additional support or training. Regardless of the sector that you’re looking to operate in or the size of your ambitions for your new business, we have something for you.

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Writing a business plan

A business plan will help clarify your aims for the business, as well as the tactics and strategies to achieve them.

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Sales and marketing

How do you get started with marketing your business? Get the basics of a sales and marketing plan in place.

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Legal obligations

What do you need to make sure you’re doing when setting up a business to comply with laws and regulations?

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Building a sustainable business

Sustainability needs to be at the heart of every new business. Here’s how to set off on the right path from the beginning.

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Getting funding

You may need funding to make your business idea a reality. Here’s how you get started.

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Learning about running a business

There are many courses available to learn the essentials of starting and running a business

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Horizon Scanning: Four questions social enterprises need to answer

With so much going on in the present, it’s not always easy to look to the future. However, the identification of potential risks and opportunities is vital to the long-term health of any business, and social enterprises are no different. Horizon scanning helps in assessing whether you are adequately prepared for future changes or threats.