Organisational Governance

Governance provides the blueprint for how a business operates, how decisions are made, and how responsibilities are allocated. It helps ensure transparency, accountability, and the long-term success of a company. Below, we have a range of guidance that explores the essential components of business governance including developing the required policies, creating a board of directors, what HR support is available to small businesses, and where to start with running a social enterprise.

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Getting your organisation’s governance right

What policies do you need?

Keeping track of all the policies a business requires at different stages of its development can be tricky.

Check what policies are required for your business

HR support for small businesses

For small businesses wanting HR help, there are some amazing resources out there to offer some guidance.

See what support and HR expertise is available

Creating a Board

As your organisation grows, a Board of Directors may be required to provide oversight.

Where to start with appointing Directors

Running your social enterprise

This webinar tackles all aspects of running a social enterprise, including funding, building a team and governance considerations.

Get the key facts about running a social enterprise