Reducing CO2 and Net Zero

Net Zero is the key way our country will meet the challenge presented by climate change. For businesses, it means an evolving landscape and new regulations – as well as new opportunities. In this section, you can read an overview of what net zero regulations will mean for business, and download our net zero toolkit, to help you start to address some of the challenges.

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Jack Colding is the Growth Hub’s new specialist for Environment and Sustainability. Jack will work closely with businesses in North Yorkshire to reduce costs and stay ahead of new rules on net zero. Jack’s background has given him insights into decarbonisation processes, and he is eager to help businesses reduce their energy and waste.

As part of £22.3m of Shared Prosperity Funding, North Yorkshire Council have made grants and support available to address gaps preventing businesses taking action on net zero. Jack Colding can assist businesses in accessing this funding, opening the door to opportunities for sustainability and growth.

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Net Zero and regulations

Net Zero is regularly in the news, but what are the regulations relating to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and how do they affect your business?

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Net Zero business toolkit

The Net Zero Business Toolkit aims to make sustainability simple, so you can get started with net zero, saving money and future-proofing your operations.

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