Free webinar: Leader series – engaging your virtual team

This free one-hour webinar will help you develop and refine your skills in engaging and getting the best out of your virtual team.

Engaging a virtual team takes extra effort to cultivate a supportive environment where people feel connected and are able to flourish. However, Covid-19 has caused unprecedented changes to the way in which many of us work, with minimal time for leadership teams and employees to prepare.

To help overcome the challenges that this has brought, we teamed up with Michelle Mook of Pro-Development (UK) Limited to deliver a series of free leadership webinars for businesses. Having worked with SMEs now for a number of years, Michelle has been supporting many businesses over the last few weeks as we have navigated through Covid-19.

During this series of one-hour webinars, Michelle will be taking us through ways in which we lead our people in these current times. She will provide insights into what engages a team and how to bring out the very best in each and every one of them to help individuals, teams and the business flourish.

The first in the series on ‘engaging your virtual team’ will give you:

  • the skills and techniques required to motivate your virtual team to be their best
  • explore key steps to adapting your approach to employee engagement in a changing environment