Reduce food waste and increase revenue with free app membership

If you run a shop, restaurant, hotel or any other type of business that regularly find itself with food waste, you can turn this into a revenue stream through Too Good to Go.

One of the key principles of a circular economy and becoming a circular business is to remove and re-think waste. Too Good To Go is an organisation that works with over 4,400 businesses across the UK to sell their daily surplus food to local customers so it doesn’t go to waste.

Using their app, the process could not be easier for you to show how much surplus food you have available to sell. Customers search the app for local businesses like yours, purchase the food via the app, and then collect it at an agreed time. Rather than listing individual portions of food, a business will fill a ‘Magic Bag’ with food that hasn’t sold in time, setting a reduced price that’s fair for you and your customer. 

“We really loved how simple the concept was. It’s a win-win-win – people get a great deal, it helps the environment, and my store avoids sending edible food to landfill.” Paul Potts, Food 2 Remember, Malton

Get your first year free

We have teamed up with Too Good to Go to offer 50 businesses in York and North Yorkshire the annual administration fee for free for a year. Please complete the form on this page and you will be directed to Too Good to Go’s sign up page where you will be able to redeem this exclusive offer.

Three reasons to sign up 

Food waste

Reduce your footprint

Join over 4,400 UK businesses in taking visible action to combat a crucial environmental issue.

Find new regulars

3 out of 4 who discover a store through Too Good To Go will return as full-paying customers.

Improve your margins

Turn losses into an income: so far, UK businesses have sold 2.3 million Magic Bags through Too Good To Go.

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