Tax and finance regulation

Where you’re a sole trader or a business with a number of employees, understanding and complying with the UK’s tax laws and regulations is essential for businesses of all sizes and structures. This section provides the information and guidance to give you an overview of what you need to be aware of, including PAYE, business advice from HMRC, submitting your tax return, and claiming expenses as a small business.

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What is PAYE?

Pay as you earn — more commonly known as PAYE — is the easiest way for you to pay Income Tax and National Insurance contributions for your business.

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Advice for submitting your tax return

Businesses do not need to wait until the deadline to begin their tax return. Starting early means more time to access guidance to help complete the return.

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Business advice from HMRC

Legally, your business is going to have to deal with HMRC. It is known for handling taxes, but it also has a lot of really helpful business advice.

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Claiming expenses when running a small business from home

Let us help you get to grips with exactly what expenses you can claim when running your small business from home in York and North Yorkshire.

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