Ellis Patents’ £400K Solar Power Investment Boosts Business and Cuts Costs

Ellis Patents, a cable cleats manufacturer based in Rillington, North Yorkshire, has made a significant investment in solar power, aiming to reap the benefits of a greener future while also benefiting its business operations.

Danny Macfarlane, Ellis Patents’ managing director (Image: Ellis Patents)

With an investment totalling over £400,000, Ellis Patents has successfully installed 173 new solar panels at its headquarters. This move has propelled the company’s solar panel count to over 400, generating an impressive 250,000 kWh per annum.

By covering 50 percent of Ellis Patents’ energy bills through solar-generated power, this investment marks a significant milestone for the company. The decision to embrace solar power and reduce reliance on traditional energy sources has led to substantial cost savings. Danny Macfarlane, the managing director of Ellis Patents, highlights the positive impact of this investment on the company’s financials, stating, “This will see us produce nearly 300,000 kWh a year, which for a high energy-using manufacturer like us, represents an enormous cost saving.”

Ellis Patents’ commitment to environmental sustainability goes beyond this solar power investment. The company is ISO14001 accredited, which means it adheres to an internationally recognized standard for Environmental Management Systems. It views going green as a necessity rather than an optional extra and is dedicated to improving its environmental performance and sustainability through continuous improvement processes.

As other manufacturers grapple with soaring material and energy costs, Ellis Patents stands out as an example of success. Their early decision to adopt environmentally friendly practices not only benefits the environment but also secures a sustainable future for the business and its employees. Danny Macfarlane expresses gratitude for the foresight, stating, “At a time when many manufacturers are seeing huge increases in material and energy costs, we are so grateful that those early decisions to go green have helped not only save the environment but secure a sustainable future for the business and its employees.”

Ellis Patents’ investment in solar power exemplifies the positive impact that sustainable practices can have on businesses. By embracing renewable energy sources and reducing dependence on traditional energy, the company not only saves costs but also positions itself as a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious leader in the industry.

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