Sustainability and the circular economy

UK Parliament have declared a climate emergency and legislated that we need to be carbon neutral by 2050.

York & North Yorkshire recognise the need to go further than this. Our ambition is to be the UK’s first carbon negative region – carbon neutral by 2034 and carbon negative by 2040.

Adopting circular economy is one way to realise these ambitions.

Being sustainable and circular makes good business sense. Employees, shareholders and customers want businesses to make this change that can also positively affect your bottom line.

There are some simple steps that your business can take including rethinking waste, looking at energy use, reviewing your supply chain and finding inventive ways to keep materials in use for longer.

Our ‘6 benefits to business’ guides give immediate, cost-effective actions that you can take now. In addition, they provide details about how you can access further support to help you achieve your longer term goals.

Download our guides to see how your business could benefit

Find out more about sustainability and the circular economy

Join us during November for Circular Yorkshire Month, attend an event, or visit the Circular Yorkshire website for case studies and how you can get involved.

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