Mental Health Awareness Week

Campaign image for Mental Health Awarenesss Week 2021. The theme is nature and there are plants, flowers, water and creatures surrounding the title.

Today (Monday 10 May) marks the launch of Mental Health Awareness Week, an annual event when there is an opportunity for the whole of the UK to focus on achieving good mental health. Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, it’s now in its 21st year and runs from 10-16 May.

This year the theme is Nature and how connecting with the natural world can support good mental health. Across the country, people will be celebrating the benefits of being around nature in their local community in a range of digital and creative ways. You can find some top tips on how you can connect with nature from the Mental Health Foundation’s website.

On our website, we also have a range of resources that can help support you with your wellbeing or that of your employees. Full details are below.

Mental health and wellbeing recorded webinars

None of us are superhuman – maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing in difficult times

This webinar explores the definition of mental health and wellbeing, what happens in our brain when we experience significant change and some of the common signs of low mental wellbeing. It will look at tools and resources that can improve mental wellbeing during times of extreme change.

Leadership – building resilience and supporting team wellbeing

When it comes to enhancing wellbeing, building resilience will help you and your teams to flourish. It is about having energy, passion, self-esteem, improved physical health, supportive relationships and being successful in our endeavours. This online session with Michelle Mook will provide you with tools and techniques to build resilience and increase positivity and the wellbeing of your team.


Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit

Download the Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit and answer your questions about workplace wellbeing, and access practical resources that you can use for yourself and your employees.

In the guide you’ll learn:

  • what is meant by mental health
  • your legal responsibilities around mental health
  • what do to if you are worried about a staff member
  • how to avoid mental health problems in the workplace
  • how to manage your own mental health.

Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW)

If you would like additional training for you and your employees on mental health in the workplace, you can access fully funded courses through Skills Support for the Workforce. For example, the Awareness of Mental Health Problems programme is designed for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of mental health, and covers the best ways to recognise and help someone in distress. Upon completion, you will also gain a nationally recognised certificate.

This course can be completed entirely online, meaning that you can choose when and where to study. If you’re interested in finding out more about this, or if you would like the SSW team to conduct a skills needs assessment on your business, get in touch via their website to find out how they can help.